Kombi Hire, Queenstown, New Zealand

There is something seriously cool about turning up to your wedding in an iconic VW kombi ! You can be sure your wedding guests will be talking about it as one of the highlights of your big day!  

'Rusty' is considered one of the finest Split Screen Kombi's in New Zealand.  She has won awards, is a consistent head turner and seriously love-dub-able!

  • Rusty can seat up to 7 people, plus chauffeur
  • Limousine style seating
  • Surround sound, music is supplied or your can bring your own
  • 12inc DVD player
  • Umbrellas to ward off the rain

If you are considering using 'Rusty' as your form of wedding car, you need to book in quick, as she is hugely popular and gets booked out well in advance!

If a Kombi isn't your thing or you need two vehicles, we have a beautiful 1960 Chev Belair which seats up to 4 passengers comfortably. It has after market air bag suspension and flashing lights under the floor for dramatic night arrival.


We share with you some comments from customers...

We thoroughly enjoyed having rusty for our wedding day and the boys felt like kings rolling up to the venue in such an amazing ride. Lin kept myself and the girls calm on the way to the venue and she went out of her way to assist us all with getting ready and also helping our photographer set the scene for amazing shots.  Her professional and calming nature helped keep my nerves at bay which was a huge help!! She also helped with carrying my bouquet and veil around while photos were happening. They were truly a sensational team to work with and they helped everything flow easily. There was fast correspondence with booking rusty and Lin kept us in the loop the entire time. I would absolutely highly recommend using Lovedubs & Rusty for your big day!! They are sensational!!

                                                      Penny & Eli

We weren't fussed about a wedding car until I saw Rusty at wedding show. Rusty & beats made the boys trip to the venue and was a great addition to our wedding pics! Lin made all this seamless and helped out with drinks and nibbles which was a real bonus! Definitely added to the atmosphere for the day, thanks Lin & Rusty!                     

                                                 Christine & Heath

Lin & Rusty, where do we start!

Firstly we were so excited when we found you online - we booked over a year in advance to ensure Rusty was a part of our big day. And we are so glad we did.

The Kombi just brought a lovely relaxed and happy vibe to the day, and a sparkle to our guests' eyes. The pumping tunes provided on the way to the ceremony and as we cruised the streets of the mount calmed all my nerves, and Lin even found us a little spot in the shade to refresh before finally heading to the Church. As a bride I was so relaxed, calm and excited to walk down the aisle, and a lot of that I would attribute to our amazing transport and driver Lin. Little did we know Lin was also babysitter extraordinaire - after spotting sleeping kids in a guest's car, kindly took over child minding duties so they could join in on the ceremony.

It's these little things that truly made us so glad we booked Lin and Rusty - let alone the gorgeous photos we have to look back on.

Lin is the ultimate professional and we wouldn't hesitate recommending her and Rusty to anyone for their big day".

                                                   Domy & John

Rusty Lin and Rusty were an outstanding part of our daughter’s wedding day.  Lin was so easy to deal with leading up to the wedding and on the day she did everything she could to make sure it all went smoothly.  Rusty was admired by everyone and a great success. We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants something a bit out of the ordinary for their big day.                       Jane Pow (Nicky's Mum)

Anyone who asks about the wedding or sees photos gets so happy when they see I arrived in the Kombi! Those people who know me well, know that I have been Kombi obsessed ever since I was a teenager! I would constantly be nagging my parents, dad in particular, to let me get one. My wedding day was my first ever ride in a Kombi! It was just the icing on the cake so our perfect day. I remember hopping in and sitting in the back thinking 'wow this is it, I'm finally in a Kombi!' Haha on your wedding day you are normally thinking 'this is it, I am finally getting married!' It was such a neat thing to do for me, and you were so lovely and helpful (squeezing my big dress in). I only wish we got to spend more time in Rusty!

                                                      Jac & Wade  

Wow, Lin and Rusty were amazing! We had not planned on having a wedding car, but couldn't stop looking at Rusty.  We both agreed that Rusty would fit in perfectly to our day, so we booked. 

Lin is super friendly and easy to deal with. The little journey to the venue was fun and enjoyable which eased the nerves. 

Thanks Lin and Rusty, you helped make our day perfect!!

Sarah & Jono

Lin thank you SOOO much for being SO amazing. You seriously went above and beyond for me and the bridal party. We all felt like we had known you for years. So friendly and helpful. You truly made my day so amazing. Thank you so much. Rusty is gorgeous, just like you! xx                              Bec & Ben

Thank you sooo much Lin and Rusty, you blew everyone away when you dropped myself and my lovely sisters off at our wedding venue yesterday. I was super nervous but then you put a song on that helped calm the nerves as it is a song that my mates and I used to listen to and it brought back so many good memories, thank you very much! and the fact that Aaron and I kept Rusty a secret until the day made it that much cooler. Thanks Rusty and Lin!!!                 Jess & Aaron

My husband and i got married march 2014 and in the mist of all the planning we had our hearts set on a kombi van as our wedding car. We had no success and almost chose something else (no where near as striking!) until running into Rusty at the Tauranga wedding expo... It was love at first sight!!!  An amazing photo prop, enough seats for our whole bridal party, the beautiful and extremely entertaining Lin as our driver, music to set the mood, and space in the boot for a chilli bin full of wine, beer, and treats!!! We couldn't have asked for more! A-MAZING!!!                          Natalie and Allister Field

While planning our wedding we decided not to have a car..…it was extra expense we didn't find important. But, then my mum txt me a website she insisted I checked out. I saw it, saw Rusty and said “Oh sh#t, that’s cool!”

Then I met the lively, fun Lin and Rusty and instantly fell in love. It was booked and I was so happy, Lin and Rusty were going to make the day even more special and what we wanted….fun!

Our wedding was at my parents bach on the back lawn. My husband to be didn’t know we were having Rusty and he was over the moon when I and my bridesmaids zoomed up the driveway, Queen rocking, tooting, and huge smiles. The crowd parted and Rusty stole the show and had everyone talking the whole day. I was so happy to see everyone's glowing faces and it relaxed me too!

Driving around Whanga with music blaring, people singing, with the wedding party and Lin was the best fun I’ve ever had. We went to all the great spots for photos then headed to our reception for another grand entrance.

Lin then picked my husband and I up after our reception to stay at her warm & homely Whangamata Beach House. When we got there it was just gorgeous, there were candles lit everywhere, a double spa bath and we had the scrummiest breakfast to wake up to. Staying for that second night was the best decision since we were exhausted and it was bliss to have our own place while family were still around.

Throughout the whole day Rusty was the talk of the night, he was a key feature in our day and a brilliant one. Everyone enjoyed sitting in him and are still talking about how much fun and vibrancy he added to our day. Lin…well everyone loved her, she’s kind, hospitable, fun and humble without being pushy and “always there”. You couldn’t ask for a better combo to add that extra something to your day, the two of them are perfect.

                                           Anna & Potter

Thank you so much for everything you did to help our wedding be the success it was on Saturday. The service you provided was A++. Not only did you bring us their in style, you were the perfect host as you set out our platter and served the bridal party while we posed for our photos. Would totally recommend you to everyone.                   Sharon & Marty

Thank you so much to Lovedubs for making my friends wedding such a special day.  The service you provided could not be faulted and I can not rave enough how fabulous and you were.  I would not hesitate in recommending Loveduds to anyone who has a special occasion coming up that requires a great car and a fantastic driver.           Friends of Sharon & Marty's

As we walked out of an incredible Taylor Swift concert Logan spotted something he knew I'd absolutely adore; A shiny black vintage kombi called Rusty waiting to drive VIPs. It was stunning. We were told her VIPs had just cancelled so we could jump on board. I was a little unsure but Logan confidently jumped in, so I followed. Inside was an ice bin full of my fave ginger beer. We rode across town with everyone admiring us and eventually stopped by Lake Pupuke. There Logan led me to a jetty lit with candles. That was when everything clicked for me. There, waiting for us, was a little row boat. Logan rowed us across the still, glassy lake, picking up a guitar from a pontoon on the way . During my turn to row, of course, I snapped an oar. After what felt like an hr of laughing and trying to waka paddle with the broken oar, we made it to the front of the pumphouse where the jetty was lit up by candles.
On a lake in a row boat, surrounded by swans and stars, Logan grabbed the guitar and sang me a beautiful song he'd always wanted to sing to me. I was shaking, laughing and crying at the same time as he got down on one knee in the wobbly dinghy and proposed. I saw a dark figure crawl down the bank to flick a switch and a sign lit up the shoreline flashing the words MARRY ME, as fireworks burst over the lake.
Logans little helpers had set out a candlelit champagne picnic for us on the shore where we celebrated, laughed, and dreamed about our future together as husband and wife.

                                  Logan & Natasha

**Logan and I had arranged this secret marriage proposal.  Playing "actress" for the night was nerve wracking yet so much fun, best of all we managed to pull it off and    Natasha said "YES"**

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